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We focus on our teams well-being and lifestyle. We provide a beautiful work environment, with an amazing team and salon culture. We also offer lots of support with an abundance of benefits, flex scheduling with stable pay and strong growth opportunities.

Beauty Professionals deserve more than what the traditional salon industry has been telling us is possible. Old school systems, like commission and booth renting, create unhealthy competition, unpredictable paychecks, burnout, career plateaus and egos! EHHH! Yuck! Why do other industries get to eat lunch every day, take paid vacations and earn reliable paychecks?

It’s time to try something new.

Here at Plush Rose we do not base our stylists pay on how many people they can pack into a day. Our employees pay is determined by overall performance, including skill levels, performance numbers, team qualities and simply having a great attitude!….  How easy is that!?

Ready to Move Forward?

Are you a motivated, driven and goal oriented individual that wants to learn grow and be a part of an awesome salon family?

Want to learn more? Contact or visit fill out an application and you’ll be on your way towards starting a rewarding career.

Be a part of something amazing!

You no longer are fighting to survive, but you have a whole team to help you succeed. Imagine an awesome place to come to work and have:

  • Team based pay
  • Steady paychecks
  • Flexible schedule
  • Team goals and bonuses
  • A team of co –workers who want you to succeed
  • Positive team culture
  • Advanced in-salon education on the Plush Rose way
  • Value to the company that is based on performance and not exclusively working your hand to the bone.
  • Endless possibility for career growth
  • Paid vacation
  • Some Saturdays off!
  • A CLEAR career path
  • Much, Much more

What we will not accept…

Negativity equals…a Toxic Cancerous person

All it takes is one negative person to bring down an entire company. It’s like when someone comes to work with a cold. On Monday, everyone is fine, happy, and smiling, but by Friday, 90% of the salon is sneezing, coughing, and miserable.

We call this person a Cancer, just like we want it out of our bodies immediately we definitely want it out of our salon company when detected.

When one person is outwardly naturally negative, it doesn’t take long before everyone around them is affected. People will spend their time gossiping and venting rather than brainstorming and working.  Productivity will take a beating, and the opportunity to excel will disappear. Leaving this clear and out in the open…..This is not tolerated.